Fritzl Says He Knew He Was Hurting His Daughter, ‘it Was Like An Addiction’

Joseph Fritzl says he knew Elizabeth did not want him to do what he was doing to her – having sex with her – but it was “like an addiction”. We added that he wanted to have children with her.

He said he knew the whole time that was he was doing was wrong. He sometimes wondered whether he was crazy for doing such acts. However, his double life became quite “matter of fact”, he says. He had two families, one upstairs and the other downstairs – two parallel lives.

Joseph Fritzl locked his daughter, Elizabeth, in the cellar of his house for 24 years and had seven children with her, one of whom died shortly after birth.

Fritzl told his lawyer that one of the reasons he locked his daughter up was to protect her from the outside world. The comment was published in News, an Austrian magazine.

It appears Fritzl also told his lawyer that Elizabeth and the children he had with her were often brought toys, books and flowers by him. He says he is not “a monster” and accuses the media of distorting facts.

According to information Austrian police have recently gathered from Elizabeth, her father started sexually abusing her about seven years before she was locked up – when she was about eleven years old.

Fritzl has admitted to fathering fourteen children, seven with Rosemarie, his wife, and seven with Elizabeth. He says that as far as he can remember he had always wanted to have many children. He insists that he still loves his wife.

In 1984 when his daughter was 18 “she broke all the rules”, he added. In an attempt to control her he locked her up. He wanted to keep her away from the outside world, even if this meant he had to use force.

There was a timer-device on the doors of the cellar which would have automatically opened them all after a specific period. Fritzl said he installed the devices so that if he had died Elizabeth and the children would have been set free.

Some information on Joseph Fritzl

He was born on the 9th April, 1935 in Amstetten, Austria. According to Christine. R, his sister-in-law, his mother severely beat him regularly when he was a child. He grew up without a father.

He married Rosemarie in 1956, and seven children with her.

He became an electrical engineer. He owns several properties, some in his home town and others in nearby towns and villages – he earned money by renting them out.

According to police records, he served an 18 month prison sentence for raping a young woman in Linz, Austria, in 1967. He had also been arrested for exposing himself in public. People are now asking how it was that a man with a criminal record was able to adopt three children, even if it was assumed they were his grandchildren (three of the children he had with Elizabeth were brought upstairs when they were babies and adopted legally – he claimed his daughter had abandoned them).

When Elizabeth was 17, one year before she was imprisoned by Fritzl, she ran away from home with a friend. The police found her in Vienna three weeks after her disappearance was reported – she was returned to her parents. Some speculate that at this point Fritzl may have felt he had to move quickly.

How Fritzl was found out

Kerstin, Elizabeth’s daughter fell unconscious on 19th April, 2008. Fritzl agreed that she needed medical attention and asked Elizabeth to help carry Kerstin up the stairs. Elizabeth helped, had a quick look up at the outside world, the first time in 24 years, and went back to the cellar. An ambulance took Kerstin to Amstetten Community Hospital, where she was hospitalized with kidney failure.

Unbeknown to Fritzl, Elizabeth had placed a note in her daughter’s pocket asking for help – she was hoping somebody in the hospital would read it. When Fritzl came to talk about Kerstin’s health medical staff asked him to explain the contents of the note. As the staff did not feel his story made much sense they called the police.

Fritzl was able to dupe the police for a short time, making them believe that Elizabeth had left to join a sect. A public media campaign was launched by the police, trying to trace Elizabeth. An expert on cults told the police that the sect Fritzl talked about may not even exist. Elizabeth, meanwhile, was following this story on TV in the cellar of the house.

After pleading with her father to let her go and see her daughter in the hospital, Fritzl released Elizabeth and her sons. When they went upstairs Fritzl told Rosemarie that his daughter had decided to come back after being away for 24 years with a cult.

The police picked up Elizabeth and Fritzl as they approached the hospital and took them to the police station to be questioned. Until the police could assure her that she would be safe from her father, Elizabeth refused to say anything. After the police assured her she told them about his crime(s). Fritzl was arrested and Elizabeth and her children were taken into care.

Written by – Christian Nordqvist

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