The Death of Cancer: Cancer cells start dying when you terminate their chemical-based fuel supply

In the book called “The Art of War,” the author, Sun Tzu, describes a simple method for defeating even the toughest of enemies – cut off their fuel supply. It’s called “blockade” and it works. So if your enemy is cancer, then you basically starve the cancer cells and you begin winning the war almost immediately.

So, how do you cut off the fuel for cancer? Well, that’s not as complicated as it sounds. You start by cutting out processed sugar, especially HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), dioxins and glyphosate (chemical pesticides and chemical herbicides), processed food oils, fluoridated water and bleached food.

Did you know that there are cases of spontaneous healing? It all starts with giving the body plenty of oxygen and alkalizing it – by consuming plenty of fresh, organic leafy greens, taking the proper supplements and trace minerals. If you do this, within days or weeks the cancer stops. You must maintain the proper pH level in the body. The range goes from zero to fourteen, and the low sevens are ideal for humans, between 7.3 and 7.4. Yet in the healing phases of fighting off cancer, you should be closer to 7.5 pH. Your pH can drastically change within a few hours for the worse, especially if you consume processed foods, gluten, nitrates, alcohol, cigarettes, processed oils and GMOs (pesticide-laden produce). Even prescription medications create an acidic body pH that favors cancer cell development.

Most natural cures criticized by medical doctors or “Big Pharma” are diluted, bastardized, and debased on purpose by “modern medicine” so that more dangerous chemical drugs can be patented, manufactured, marketed and sold for big profits. The American Medical Association made sure of all of that over 100 years ago.

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Watch out for toxic medicine too. Even the HPV vaccine has been proven to be more of a danger to humans than a benefit. In general, chemical drugs fuel cancer cells. In fact, chemotherapy has been known to spread new cancers in parts of the body that were not at risk before the treatment. What an oxymoron. Here’s proof from a Natural News article published nearly a decade ago.

German investigators from Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, have shown that taxol (the “gold standard of chemo”) causes a massive release of cells into circulation. Such a release of cancer cells would result in extensive metastasis months or even years later, long after the chemo would be suspected as the cause of the spread of the cancer. This little known horror of conventional cancer treatment needs to be spread far and wide, but it is not even listed in the side effects of taxol.

Filter chemicals from your food, water, personal care products, medicine and home atmosphere

Gluten, nitrates, conventional meat, conventional milk, artificial sweeteners, fluoridated tap water, flu shots, and bleached bread are all culprits of the most devastating but preventable disease known to mankind – so terrifying that most people call it the “C” word because they don’t want to say cancer out loud. You better do more than just “knock on wood” when you say cancer; you better refine and restructure your daily intake. Most white bread, white rice, white pasta, white flour and white sugar have trace amounts of bleach in them, but you can check the label quite easily. Would you drink that stuff you clean your toilet or bathroom floor with if it tasted sweet? No way!

Most gluten contains genetically modified ingredients and other chemicals that stick “like glue” in your digestive tract, causing a back-up of toxic food in your body after 24 hours. What do you think polyps are?

Most milk and meat contain hormones and antibiotics given to the animals to make the food industry more money. Will you be a sad case and just another statistic that makes “more money” for the sick care industry? Nitrates, nitrites, autolyzed yeast extract, soy protein isolate, and monosodium glutamate (MSG) are all just concentrated genetically modified “salts” that affect your healthy cells, causing them to mutate.

Your skin is your largest organ. Why put anything on it that you can’t eat? If your personal care products are not organic and contain ingredients that you can’t even read or pronounce, throw them in the trash and go shopping. It’s only your life that’s at stake. Also watch out for cleaners, candles and air fresheners that contain carcinogens that pollute your home atmosphere!

Don’t Eat Cancer

Don’t “eat” cancer and it won’t “eat” you. There’s even a book called “Don’t Eat Cancer” that spells out all the simple steps to filtering chemicals from your daily intake. It’s an easy read too! The second you stop consuming chemicals is the very second that you begin starving your enemy, so that your good cells that are not mutated can do their job and defeat the bad guys.

Get to work! Eat organic food, research natural cancer cures, and alkalize your body daily. Check out natural remedies like turmeric with curcumin, garlic, medicinal mushrooms, CBD oil, hemp seeds, licorice root, vitamin D3, vitamin C, aloe, oil of oregano, and much more at But wait, there’s one more thing you must do before you exit this article. Watch and listen as Dr. Leonard Coldwell explains how every cancer can be cured in weeks.

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