Body piercing patriot launches ionic silver based post-piercing “aftercare” spray

Like tattoos, body piercings are a popular rite of passage for many people looking to stand out from the crowd. As many as 83 percent of all Americans, according to the latest statistics, have at least one piercing on their earlobes, while 14 percent have at least one piercing somewhere else on their bodies. But contrary to popular belief, getting a piercing is not without its risks, which include things like scarring, abscesses, allergic reactions, and chronic infection.

While health experts often tell people who get piercings to keep the site as clean as possible using simple antibacterial soap and water, this protocol doesn’t always work. Piercings leave tender skin open and exposed to air and other potential sources of contamination, which can’t always be addressed with just water and chemicals. So what else can a person who just received a piercing do to stay healthy and safe?

One great option is ionic silver, which comes in many forms. Ion Piercing Aftercare Spray is a new option that was developed by a professional body piercer of 20 years. Ion Aftercare Spray harnesses the healing power of ionic silver to help boost the healing time of a piercing site and keep it infection-free throughout this process, minimizing the risk that a virus or bacteria will take hold and cause damage.

You may already be familiar with colloidal silver, a homeopathic solution containing nanoparticles of silver that many people use to fight infections. Ionic silver is similar in concept, but different in its composition in that it contains silver ions, which are uniquely derived from silver atoms and suspended in water for maximum bioactivity.

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“By removing 1 electron from the silver atom, we have created an ionized silver that has an affinity to bind to bacteria, viruses, and fungus to immediately allow the silver to destroy them,” explains Divi, the manufacturer of Ion Aftercare Spray.

Ionic silver stored in dark glass away from EMFs will last many years

Using Ion Aftercare Spray is simple: just apply a gentle mist of spray at the site of a piercing a few times daily following the procedure. The bioactivity will kick in, providing a natural layer of protection against redness and swelling, as well as harmful pathogens that cause infection.

Another great thing about Ion Aftercare Spray is its shelf-life, which based on its ionic composition can be upwards of 10 years! Divi guarantees the product for three years when the solution is stored properly, which means keeping it in its blue glass container (or in an amber- or cobalt-colored glass container) at all times, out of direct sunlight and never in plastic.

It is also recommended that folks keep their Ion Aftercare Sprays away from “smart” appliances, mobile phones, and wireless routers as the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted from these devices can neutralize the electric charge in the silver ions, decreasing their efficacy and bioactivity.

Products like this are non-toxic and generally do not cause harmful side effects. It will not damage the beneficial bacteria that live on your skin and inside your body (unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics), and it will not linger in bodily tissue due to its ionic size.

Divi also offers a full line of Ion Silver products that you can use to deodorize and disinfect, whether it be under your arms, on your countertops, or even in your toilet bowl. Ionic silver is a mortal enemy of harmful pathogens wherever they might be lurking, making it one of the most versatile, natural antiseptics known to mankind.


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