Genetically manipulating protein level in colon cancer cells can improve chemotherapy

Colorectal cancer outcomes may improve by genetically altering an immune-regulatory protein in cancer cells, making the cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy. That’s according to new Mayo Clinic research. The findings, published this month in Oncogene, indicate that increasing the expression of the PD-L1 protein in colorectal cancer cells can improve Continue Reading

Diets known for promoting inflammation in the body also found to increase risk of colon cancer

Foods that promote inflammation in the body, such as red meat and refined grains, have been revealed to also increase the risk of colorectal cancer, according to a report published on the website Although inflammation is needed by the body to protect itself from harmful stimuli and start the Continue Reading

Clean your colon: Eating fiber helps prevent colon cancer, and lowers death risk of colon cancer survivors

Fiber consumption has many health benefits, including regularizing your bowel movements and cleaning out your colon. A study published on JAMA Oncology found that high fiber consumption is associated with lower risks of death from non-metastatic colorectal cancer (CRC). The study included 1,575 health professionals from the Nurses’ Health Study Continue Reading