Breast milk the new CANCER cure? Scientists discover tumor-destroying molecules with astonishing properties

The cure for cancer can come from the very substance that sustained us during the earliest stage of our lives. Scientists accidentally discovered that a substance in breast milk could be the answer to killing tumor cells. Nicknamed Hamlet (Human alpha-lactalbumin made lethal to tumor cells), the possible cancer cure reportedly Continue Reading

Flu viral strain found to actually CURE liver cancer in groundbreaking research that obliterates medical narratives of the status quo

You don’t have be in favor of vaccines to appreciate the value of viral therapy in certain cases, and a new trial that could give hope to people with deadly liver cancer is one very promising example of this approach. Scientists are getting ready to test a revolutionary treatment that Continue Reading

Hospital deaths on the rise as common medicine fails to cure infections

Infectious bacteria are rapidly evolving, practically laughing and mocking modern medicine. These infectious bacteria are reclaiming over-sterilized environments and rapidly reproducing in the face of our best antibiotics. As modern medicine’s best antibiotics fail to cure infections, hospitals have become dangerous breeding grounds for antibiotic-resistant super bugs. Hospital management all Continue Reading