Vegan diet cures psoriasis: Woman, 20, is now off all traditional treatments after going gluten-free, vegan

A 20-year-old waitress claimed that she overcame psoriasis for good because of a strict vegan diet, according to a report by the Daily Mail Online. Jessica Belshaw from Torpoint, Cornwall, said that the symptoms of her guttate form of psoriasis started when spots on her abdomen appeared when she was just 13 Continue Reading

Diet and exercise prevents diabetes in dogs too: Canine obesity is on the rise, along with all the related health problems

Research shows that overweight and obese dogs suffer from a host of health problems like musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, glucose intolerance, diabetes, and bladder and mammary cancer. A high-fat diet, which leads to excess weight and obesity, was also linked to canine pancreatitis, which is characterized by appetite loss and Continue Reading

Mediterranean diet found to reduce risk of overall cancer mortality

A large body of evidence points to the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet (MD) in fighting cancer. In a study published in Current Nutrition Reports, researchers used available information from various studies to provide an overview of the link between MD and cancer formation. Two operational definitions of MD were reviewed in the Continue Reading

Science confirms that a diet of vegetables, fruit, whole grains is good for body and mind

Depression is common in older adults, and even more so in people who have memory problems, vascular conditions – such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol – or people who previously have had a stroke. Earlier scientific literature, however, has shown that healthy lifestyle changes are associated with lower depression Continue Reading