We must rethink health care to include social and environmental costs of treatment

Modern health care has led to enormous gains in life expectancy and quality of life. However, rising health-care costs, increasing rates of chronic diseases, aging populations and the effects of advancing climate change are placing increasing pressures on our health-care systems. It is therefore imperative that we make health-care services Continue Reading

Small Data approaches provide nuance and context to health datasets

The trend of tracking health and well-being using digital technologies has permeated mainstream culture. The real-time monitoring capabilities, interactive decision-support algorithms and diagnostic testing features of digital health devices have drawn the interest of users everywhere, including the Global South. Applying tools such as predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics has Continue Reading

Public health deworming programmes for soil-transmitted helminths in children living in endemic areas

Should global government and philanthropic aid be invested in large public health deworming programmes in low- and middle-income countries? Doctors know intestinal helminths can be unpleasant, but should we be on a mission to “deworm the world”? Will this really help people living in these poor areas, in terms of Continue Reading

For better adult mental and relational health, boost positive childhood experiences

Positive childhood experiences, such as supportive family interactions, caring relationships with friends, and connections in the community, are associated with reductions in chances of adult depression and poor mental health, and increases in the chances of having healthy relationships in adulthood, a new study led by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Continue Reading

Hardship during the Great Recession linked with lasting mental health declines

People who suffered a financial, housing-related, or job-related hardship as a result of the Great Recession were more likely to show increases in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and problematic drug use, research shows. The research findings, published in Clinical Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, reveal Continue Reading