Heart-on-a-chip mimics drug response seen in humans

Researchers from TARA Biosystems, Inc. and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) today published data demonstrating that TARA’s engineered heart-on-a-chip system replicated drug responses found in adult humans. The findings, published in the journal Toxicological Sciences, show TARA’s 3-D-cardiac tissue platform can predict how human hearts will respond to a wide range of drugs, Continue Reading

‘Wildling’ mice could help translate results in animal models to results in humans

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health developed a new mouse model that could improve the translation of research in mice into advances in human health. The mouse model, which the scientists called “wildling,” acquired the microbes and pathogens of wild mice, while maintaining the laboratory mice’s genetics that make Continue Reading

Machine learning overtakes humans in predicting death or heart attack

Machine learning is overtaking humans in predicting death or heart attack. That’s the main message of a study presented today at ICNC 2019. The International Conference on Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac CT (ICNC) is co-organised by the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC), the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) Continue Reading

Neurocognitive architecture in humans is sexually dimorphic as observed by hemispheric lateralization of sleep spindles

Researchers have determined that males and females are not so similar after all, at least as far as sleep spindles and the lateralization of cognitive functions are concerned. These findings have been detailed in a new study that was recently published in the journal Sleep Spindles & Cortical Up States. Continue Reading

Cellphones driving modern humans to the brink of insanity? New science reveals young brains DERANGED by cellphone radiation exposure

It’s fairly obvious to most intelligent people that modern society is going insane. It’s especially true among today’s hyper-connected youth who seem to be truly deranged and mentally ill, hyperventilating over every issue imaginable such as “net neutrality” or the election of Donald Trump. The lunacy of modern society has Continue Reading

Humans are embracing the rise of the “robosurgeon” but new studies suggest they are NOT better than human surgeons

Robotic surgeons are taking the National Health Service (NHS) by storm. They are now being used to conduct surgical operations for prostate cancer or for kidney and bladder problems, which decades ago have been the domain of human surgeons. The machines, employing pinpoint-accurate, computer-controlled arms, are being hyped as devices Continue Reading

Humans’ sense of smell is actually just as strong as dogs, but people dull their senses with carcinogenic artificial fragrance

A groundbreaking study from Rutgers University-New Brunswick debunks a 19th century myth that humans’ sense of smell is inferior to dogs and other rodents. Neuroscientist John McGann, associate professor in the Department of Psychology, School of Arts and Sciences, says that humans can discriminate maybe one trillion different odors. Researchers Continue Reading

Humans INTUITIVELY avoid others who carry disease, even before they become conscious of symptoms

The next time your instincts tell you to avoid someone, it may just be your brain protecting your system from contagious diseases. A new study has found that the human brain can detect diseases in other people even before symptoms manifest, ScienceDaily.com reported. The study, published in Proceedings of the National Continue Reading

Animals will consume more antibiotics than humans in 2017, as superbug bacteria become increasing public threat

As our last defenses begin to fail, many more people might die from common bacterial infections in 2017. Each year, an estimated 700,000 people die due to untreatable drug-resistant infections, and today that number is increasing faster than anyone predicted. About 40 years ago Levy and colleagues published their landmark Continue Reading