Inherited pancreatic cancer risk mutation identified

Scientists studying a highly cancer-prone family have identified a rare, inherited gene mutation that dramatically raises the lifetime risk of pancreatic and other cancers. The discovery of the previously unknown mutation, reported in Nature Genetics by investigators from Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center, could lead to routine testing of individuals Continue Reading

Increasing IQ: Inherited intelligence can be increased in early childhood; it’s not nature OR nurture – it’s nurturing nature

Studies have found that genetics and environment play a role in the level of intelligence of a person. In the first study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, the research team analyzed thousands of genetic markers in the DNA of 20,000 individuals in search for signals associated with intelligence quotient (IQ). The Continue Reading

Likelihood of caesarean birth found to be inherited: Causes of obstructed labor often get passed on, circumventing natural selection

Women who were born via caesarean section are more likely to also give birth via caesarean section, concluded an international team of scientists including Michaela Pavlicev of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (Human Genetics) and evolutionary biologists at the University of Vienna in a study that was published in Continue Reading