New insights into how the brain works

The brain is composed of many different types of neurons, and scientists are just beginning to uncover the functional significance of this vast cellular diversity. At Baylor College of Medicine, Drs. Benjamin Arenkiel, Gary Liu and their colleagues at Baylor, the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Continue Reading

New insights into young men’s sexting practices in youth sexting culture

Drawing on findings from a qualitative study published by the Journal of Youth Studies, new research from Dr. Emily Setty explores young men’s sexting practices and how they position themselves within youth sexting culture in terms of masculine heterosexuality. Young people who engage in sexting—the digital exchange of personal sexual Continue Reading

Meditation teacher shares insights about how mindfulness can help people with cancer, their family and caregivers

Mindfulness can help people with cancer, their family, and caregivers, according to a meditation teacher. Emily Herzlin, a meditation teacher at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center‘s (MSKCC) Integrative Medicine Service, shared her insights on how mindfulness can be beneficial for cancer patients and people in their immediate surroundings. Herzlin, who Continue Reading