How the fake news media demonizes and attacks all those concerned about the damaging side effects of vaccines on children

There are a number of different techniques and methods that the fake news media uses to attack and demonize those who are concerned with the harmful side effects of vaccinations. Some of these methods were outlined in a recent article published by The World Mercury Project titled “Journalists ‘Shots’ Sometimes Continue Reading

Malicious news media now openly attacking vaccine VICTIMS, blaming them instead of vaccine ingredients

An editorial blog post by Alison Fujito at the World Mercury Project (WMP) website rightfully takes to task so-called “mainstream media” reporters who are supposed to approach issues without bias but who often do, especially when it comes to the subject of vaccines. “Journalism is supposed to be free of Continue Reading

BREAKING NEWS about cancer, bacterial sensitivity and EMF pollution

For decades, neuroscientist Olle Johansson, PhD has sounded the alarm about the dangers of artificial electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Dr. Johansson has continually warned us that the bombardment of microwave radiation coming from wireless computers, cell phones and even those so-called ‘smart’ meters (being installed on homes to measure energy usage) Continue Reading

Natural News calls for Jeff Sessions to resign after the U.S. Attorney General declares war on legalized cannabis

With so much lawbreaking by Hillary Clinton and members of former President Obama’s inner circle that has severely harmed U.S. national security, while at the same time destroying the public’s trust in our justice system, you’d think that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would have more than enough of a caseload Continue Reading

Natural News targeted by sophisticated DDOS attack; Health Ranger suspects CDC behind “expensive” effort to silence debate on vaccine safety

If you tried to visit Natural News and several of our affiliated websites including popular search engine over the past 48-plus hours and were unsuccessful, you certainly were not alone. That’s because we were hit with a highly sophisticated DDoS — direct denial of service — attack that our Continue Reading

Anti-nutrition media runs fake news attacking vitamin D after baby in France suffocates on liquid medicine

In France, a newborn baby recently suffocated after being given a liquid vitamin D supplement, prompting health officials to launch an investigation — and suspend all sales of the product. The supplement in question is known as Uvesterol D, which is a liquid vitamin D supplement frequently given to children Continue Reading