Broccoli’s cancer prevention mechanism found to work on “non-coding RNA” to prevent formation of tumors

Cruciferous greens have long been heralded as potent disease fighters. Sulforaphane, a dietary compound found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli goes further into the DNA to halt cancer cells from proliferation, giving us more reasons to eat our vegetables. Researchers at the Oregon State University found that the anti-cancer compound helped regulate a certain Continue Reading

Powerful diabetes prevention comes perfectly packaged in a strangely-named plant: introducing the jackfruit

The term superfoods may have become a bit overused lately, but there are some foods that truly fit the description. One that should definitely be on the superfoods list is a fairly obscure plant (until now!) called jackfruit. This oddly named fruit, which is cultivated in tropical regions, is rapidly Continue Reading

Medical establishment ignores cancer prevention, rolls out experimental anti-cancer vaccine

Mainstream medicine continues to refuse the concept of preventative medicine, ignoring the importance of crucial lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and environmental toxin exposure, instead keeping its focus on research and development. While countless people are now turning to natural medicine for services in cancer treatment, dentistry, nutrition, weight Continue Reading