E-cadherin promotes metastasis in the most common type of breast cancer

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center discovered that a cell adhesion protein, E-cadherin, allows breast cancer cells to survive as they travel through the body and form new tumors, a process termed metastasis. Their conclusions, obtained through laboratory experiments and in mouse models, help explain how metastasis works Continue Reading

New compound promotes healing of myelin in nervous system disorders

Scientists have developed a compound that successfully promotes rebuilding of the protective sheath around nerve cells that is damaged in conditions such as multiple sclerosis. In a study published today in the journal Glia, scientists described successfully testing the compound in mice. Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University have Continue Reading

American Heart Association promotes recipes that CAUSE heart disease and other health disasters

It’s funny how most Americans are completely fooled by the choices we are presented regarding conventional foods. If we are seeking to be healthy or become healthy, we are told by seemingly caring organizations, associations and regulatory agencies to seek out “low sodium” products, “wholewheat” bread, “fat free” dairy products, Continue Reading