Sea buckthorn protects your heart, offers antioxidant health benefits

As with most herbs, the sea buckthorn has a variety of beneficial properties that are excellent healing aids. One study, published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, explored the medicinal value of this herb, particularly its essential oil, and found that it has strong antioxidant properties that may protect the heart from cardiovascular Continue Reading

Vitamin D protects against chronic inflammation and insulin resistance in obese patients

The link between obesity and increased insulin levels is a well-established indicator of diabetes. Fortunately, there’s still hope: A study that appeared in Nutrire found that vitamin D protects the body from chronic inflammation and insulin resistance in obese individuals. The study, led by researchers from the Federal University of Piauí in Continue Reading

Fermented tea protects the liver from oxidative stress with antioxidant properties that regulate glucose levels

A lot of diseases, such as fatty liver disease, are caused by oxidative stress. Fortunately, there are natural treatments that help fight it. One of these is a fermented tea called Pu-erh that contains antioxidant properties and glucose-regulating extracts and can protect the liver from impairment. A team of researchers from China Continue Reading

Do YOU know what selenium is for? Scientists have discovered it protects brain neurons from depression and cell death

An animal study published in the journal Cell revealed that selenium helps prevent neurons from dying, demonstrating the element’s central role in mitigating cell death. A team of researchers at the Institute of Developmental Genetics (IDG) at Helmholtz Zentrum München in Germany examined the correlation between the selenium-containing enzyme GPX4 and a novel type of cell death called Continue Reading

Exposure to farm animals protects farm children from asthma, researchers find

Asthma is a common disease among most children, with the exception being farm children. Immunologists from the University of Zurich have pinpointed the cause: exposure to farm animals. Specifically, the researchers have identified a sialic acid in farm animals that has proven to be effective against lung tissue inflammation. The Continue Reading

Researchers have figured out how physical exercise prevents dementia and protects the brain

Gerontologists and sports physicians at Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany have concluded in a new study that not only does regular physical exercise manage weight and maintain the body’s fitness, it also protects the brain and positively impacts its metabolism. The study, which involved 60 participants aged between 65 and 85, aimed Continue Reading

Sensible Alcohol Consumption Protects Bypass Patients From Further Surgery, Stroke And Heart Attack

Male heart bypass surgery patients who drink moderately have a 25% lower risk of further cardiovascular surgery, strokes, heart attacks and dying prematurely from a cardiovascular event compared to similar patients who never drink, researchers from the University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy, explained at the American Heart’s Association Scientific Continue Reading