Chemists create simple, natural method for breaking down water pollution

A study published in the international journal Angewandte Chemie has discovered a simple, natural method for breaking down pollutants in water. A team of researchers from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) developed a new process on how to easily and cost-effectively disintegrate stubborn pollutants in water. The method developed by Continue Reading

More than half of adults now on prescription drugs, largely for conditions that can be avoided with simple lifestyle changes

A record number of pharmaceutical drugs were prescribed this past year in England. The United Kingdom’s National Health System (NHS) uncovered an alarming 1.1 million prescriptions for “conditions” that can mostly be avoided with better lifestyle choices. Prescription drug use has become a new societal norm, with mental health declining Continue Reading

Simple protein called “cardiotrophin 1” found to trick the heart into thinking you’ve exercised like crazy, rapidly expanding heart function and repair

Health experts have recently identified a simple protein that coaxes the heart into growing in a healthy way and pumping more blood as it does during exercise. According to the scientists, a simple protein called cardiotrophin 1 (CT1) helped repair heart damage and improved blood flow in animal models of heart failure. Continue Reading