High-intensity statin prescriptions after heart attacks vary by geographic region

Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Division of Cardiovascular Disease and School of Public Health have published new research that suggests geographic region is the strongest correlate of high-intensity statin use after a heart attack, leading to large treatment disparities. According to the study, published in JAMA Cardiology, Continue Reading

BREAKING: Statin drug-pushing doctors now targeting blacks and low-education patients for medication prescriptions

As more people start to learn about the dangers of a particular drug and seek alternative remedies, those who make and market these money-making pills shift gears and start targeting less-educated people in hopes of finding new customers. Case in point: A new study has found that most of the people Continue Reading

Aspirin and statin drugs are just bandaids for your heart: Cardiologists aren’t trained in prevention

“We’re not trained in prevention,” warned cardiologist and author of The Paleo Cardiologist: The Natural Way to Heart Health, Dr. Jack Wolfson, DO, FACC in a recent interview with NaturalNews editor, Mike Adams. “They never teach [cardiologists about preventive measures for heart health such as good nutrition and exercise]. And Continue Reading