Vitamin C: Why we need it, sources, and how much is too much

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for health. It helps form and maintain bones, skin, and blood vessels. It occurs naturally in some foods, especially, fruit and vegetables. Supplements are also available.

It is also known as L-ascorbic acid, ascorbic acid, or L-ascorbate.

Why we need vitamin C

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Sources of vitamin C include fruits, vegetables, and supplements.

Vitamins, including vitamin C, are organic compounds. An organic compound is one that exists in living things and contains the elements carbon and oxygen.

Vitamin C is water soluble, and the body does not store it. To maintain adequate levels of vitamin C, humans need a daily intake of food that contains it.

Vitamin C plays an important role in a number of bodily functions including the production of collagen, L-carnitine, and some neurotransmitters. It helps metabolize proteins and its antioxidant activity may reduce the risk of some cancers.

Collagen, which vitamin C helps produce, is the main component of connective tissue and the most abundant protein in mammals. Between 1 and 2 percent of muscle tissue is collagen. It is a vital component in fibrous tissues such as:







the gut

blood vessels

In the case of wound healing, research as long ago as 1942 suggested that wounds took longer to heal if someone had scurvy.

Scurvy results from vitamin C deficiency. Its symptoms include swollen joints, bleeding gums and loose teeth, anemia, and tiredness.

Rebound scurvy can happen if a person takes very high doses of vitamin C and then discontinues it quickly.

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Studies suggest that vitamin C may complement chemotherapy for cancer patients.

Oxidation reactions produce free radicals. Free radicals can start chain reactions that damage cells.

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