For people with pre-existing liver disease, toxic algae may be more dangerous

Toxins produced during harmful algal blooms may be more harmful to people than previously known. Researchers at The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences sought out to examine how microcystin might affect individuals with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a widespread condition that is frequently asymptomatic. They found Continue Reading

Fluoride may diminish kidney and liver function in adolescents, study suggests

Fluoride exposure may lead to a reduction in kidney and liver function among adolescents, according to a study published by Mount Sinai researchers in Environment International in August. The study examined the relationship between fluoride levels in drinking water and blood with kidney and liver health among adolescents participating in Continue Reading

Novel discovery of links between liver dysfunction and Alzheimer’s disease

New research from the Alzheimer’s Disease Metabolomics Consortium (ADMC) and Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) has uncovered novel connections between liver dysfunction and Alzheimer’s disease (AD), paving a new path toward a systems level view of Alzheimer’s relevant for early detection and ultimately for prevention. The study, published today in Continue Reading

Researchers: Treat liver cancer with the anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties of vitamin D

Another benefit of vitamin D has been discovered. Vitamin D was found to be an effective treatment and prevention option for liver diseases and cancers, according to a new study. A team of researchers from King Abdulaziz University and Qassim University in Saudi Arabia, National Brain Research Center in India, Continue Reading

Fermented tea protects the liver from oxidative stress with antioxidant properties that regulate glucose levels

A lot of diseases, such as fatty liver disease, are caused by oxidative stress. Fortunately, there are natural treatments that help fight it. One of these is a fermented tea called Pu-erh that contains antioxidant properties and glucose-regulating extracts and can protect the liver from impairment. A team of researchers from China Continue Reading

Effects of fructose on the digestive system and liver

Fructose, the sugar commonly found in soda and fruit juice, is mainly metabolized in the small intestine, according to researchers from Princeton University. The results of their study, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, shed new light on previous assumptions that fructose is processed in the liver. In the study, researchers used isotope-labeled Continue Reading

Toxic proteins that cause Alzheimer’s can develop in your liver and kidneys, then migrate to the brain like cancer, shocking new study finds

No one really knows what causes Alzheimer’s, but recent studies on the disease are promising. Researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada have discovered that Alzheimer’s-causing proteins can be formed in the liver and the kidneys, and then transported to the brain through the blood. These toxic proteins, Continue Reading