Three studies reveal noteworthy trends regarding eating disorders in the U.S.

A School of Public Health professor has been extensively researching eating disorders in the United States and has found trends that warrant increased screening for the disorders, she explains. In 2018, Tomoko Udo, assistant professor of Health Policy, Management and Behavior, conducted the first large-scale study on the prevalence of Continue Reading

Studies compare the most effective rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury patients

A series of four studies led by researchers at The Ohio State University College of Medicine and published online together in the journal Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation shed light on the most effective rehabilitation practices for patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). “The effectiveness of inpatient rehabilitation for Continue Reading

Two studies show CDK4/6 inhibitors improve overall survival in advanced breast cancer

New data from two studies reported at the ESMO Congress 2019 have shown that treatment with a CDK4/6 inhibitor plus fulvestrant improves overall survival in women with hormone receptor-positive (HR+), human epidermal growth factor 2-negative (HER2-) advanced breast cancer. The two studies included different patient populations as well as different Continue Reading

Researcher studies differences in the immune systems of men and women

Females are less susceptible to infection but are 10 times more likely than males to develop an autoimmune disorder, such as hypothyroidism or rheumatoid arthritis. The female immune system is “a double-edged sword” in that way, said Jennifer Franko, a teaching assistant professor in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Continue Reading

Two studies reveal benefits of mindfulness for middle school students

Two new studies from MIT suggest that mindfulness—the practice of focusing one’s awareness on the present moment—can enhance academic performance and mental health in middle schoolers. The researchers found that more mindfulness correlates with better academic performance, fewer suspensions from school, and less stress. “By definition, mindfulness is the ability Continue Reading

Case studies suggest that ‘red flag’ laws play a role in preventing mass shootings

Case studies of individuals threatening mass violence suggest that extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs), colloquially known as ‘red flag’ orders, may play a role in preventing mass shootings. An aggregate summary and individual histories for a preliminary series of 21 cases are published in Annals of Internal Medicine. Nearly 80 Continue Reading

Conflict of interest: Coca-Cola funded more than 40 studies on childhood obesity – and they all failed to disclose the firm’s financial influence

Childhood obesity is a complex epidemic, with lots of factors playing a role in the problem at the general and individual levels. Nevertheless, many weight problems can be boiled down to two driving forces: inactivity and poor eating choices. When fingers started pointing to soft drinks maker Coca-Cola for playing Continue Reading

Hope proves better than fear for inspiring better outcomes: Studies prove empowering people to change is good for their health

The saying that hope springs eternal is a paean to positive thinking. The idea that things will work out well, no matter how gloomy everything seems to be, has made champions out of losers; billionaires out of college dropouts. It’s the magic ingredient that kept Thomas Edison going until he Continue Reading

Despite studies finding increases risk of cancer from cellphone radiation, the FDA claims they’re safe as long as you’re not a “heavy user”

A new government study presents data to suggest that mobile phone use is detrimental to humans because of all the non-ionizing radiation these devices emit. But not to worry, claims the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – we’re all apparently not using our cellphones enough for them to cause Continue Reading

Oregon university now pushing “fat studies” course that claims “weightism” is the new civil rights battleground

Overweight and obese women – and especially brown or black ones who are lesbian or identify as being gender abnormal – have a new safe space at Oregon State University (OSU). It’s in the classroom of Patti Lou Watkins, an associate professor of clinical psychology who will reportedly be teaching Continue Reading

Lifestyle choices affect multiple generations: Studies show that environmental memories are stored at a cellular level

A recent animal study published in the Science journal has revealed that genetic changes caused by environmental factors may be passed down from one generation to another. According to a team of researchers at the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) in Spain, the genetic changes may even be inherited by up to 14 generations Continue Reading

Is natural gas contaminating your water? Multiple studies have detected harmful bacteria in Texas groundwater near extraction sites

Researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington have revealed in three new studies that some bacteria can live in water that has been contaminated with chemicals that are involved in natural gas extraction. “Our latest published research has revealed that harmful bacteria can be quite prevalent in Texas groundwater, Continue Reading